Prestige 420

Motor Yacht | 13.06 m


Prestige 420S

Motor Yacht | 13.06 m


Prestige 520

Motor Yacht | 16.11 m

About Prestige

Prestige was born 30 years ago within the French legendary boat manufacturer Jeanneau, which has become a pioneer in boat production since 1957, by becoming an independent brand following its astonishing success as a separate line under the brand of Jeanneau.

French Prestige Yachts, is one of the leading yacht brands in the world, in terms of production and delivery numbers, with its models perfectly suiting with all rquirements of an ideal family boat that make you feel at home in the sea.

Step into a new world of yachting experience with Prestige...

Prestige develops superior boats which allow their owners who take the life at sea as an art form, to experience the real feel of luxury. Each model of Prestige Yachts allows you to reflect your style in the open sea in the best way, by combining the aesthetics of simplicity with the understated yet remarkable elegance with a bold emphasis on home comfort.


Prestige, who transforms yacht design into an art form, completes large spaces that have become the signature of the brand with excellent ventilation, sparkling natural lighting and impeccable craftsmanship combined with first class materials.

The Prestige aesthetics, which bring great appeal to its boats from their ezterior lines, keep surprising the boaters with their interior layout, and fit and finishing, as well…

Prestige yacht models provide living spaces on a stepless single floor by ensuring a smooth passage from outside to inside thanks to cleverly developed solutions. Every single Prestige yacht becomes your floating home with 360-degree panoramic views, a fully independent master cabin, and a centrally located galley that equally facilitates service to both indoor and outdoor areas.



Meticulously thought out design on every detail providing more interior spaces by using the boat volume in the most efficient way, as well as ensuring high performance without sacrificing the sporty and compact design.

Functional high-tech solutions for a better marine life experience…

Prestige reflects the proven French tradition, with its hull that provides navigational safety even in the most difficult weather conditions.

The highest quality standards are uncompromisingly maintained by making use of the latest robotic technologies in the production processes of Prestige boats, which offer safety, performance and comfort together with very detailed calculations made by the designers taking into account every condition.

Offering more space, more flexibility of use, and a much more comfortable life, Prestige Yachts provides a unique ease of use with higher efficiency thanks to the revolutionary machinery system it has developed. Issues such as noise and vibration are no longer a problem for Prestige owners.

Incorporating pioneering innovations in terms of design, technology, efficiency, safety and ease of use, the models of the brand become the strongest boats on the seas thanks to Prestige's years of experience going back a long way, in the use of composite materials. Prestige, which compounds important large parts with the infusion method that gives more strength and durability, also respects the environmental and ecological balances.



Prestige Yachts develops its models with the highest quality standards, timeless elegance and unparalleled ease of use, with its unlimited passion to create extraordinary boats that resist time both structurally with their durability and aesthetically with their lines.

A perfect combination of traditional French “savoir-faire” and the fine lines of the Garroni design studio...

Prestige craftsmen, that can be clearly observed on every single part of furnitures, from wooden components to leather details, reflects the brand's passion for reaching perfection. This design spirit that fascinates with their eye-catching details sontinues in the same way in interior spaces, always emphasizing Prestige's claim for luxury.