Sanlorenzo SD 90

Motor Yacht | 27.43 m


Sanlorenzo SD 96

Motor Yacht | 28.93 m


Sanlorenzo SD 118

Motor Yacht | 35.75 m

About Sanlorenzo

Each Sanlorenzo yacht, with its timeless design beyond current fashions and trends, becomes a work of art that becomes a classic, as soon as it meets the water.

The Sanlorenzo shipyard has been operating since 1958, delivering only a select number of top quality custom-built luxury boats each year. Each superyacht is uniquely designed and manufactured in line with the owner's special demands, style, needs and desires.

Sanlorenzo headquarter is located in the Montemarcello-Magra Natural Park on the banks of the Magra River in Ameglia, a beautiful city located in the La Spezia countryside of Liguria. Sanlorenzo, which focuses on superyacht manufacture in La Spezia, continues its production in two more facilities in the Tuscany region of the seaside city of Viareggio -where is known as the historical motor yacht production center of Italy, and in Massa.


Sanlorenzo has been the choice of a very special group of boat lovers who do not compromise on comfort, elegance, luxury and an exclusive privilege, by producing completely original boats that reflect the style of the boat owner and fully meet their needs, for more than 60 years.

With every Sanlorenzo order, the customer's needs and demands are the most prioritized elements to be considered. Sanlorenzo designers spend one-on-one time with the owner in a series of meetings. Elements such as the boat owner's lifestyle, their decoration preferences in their own homes, their tastes and hobbies are being perfectly understood and assimilated. With every single new order, a unique project is being started so that the new Sanlorenzo will be in harmony with all the notions constituing the owner’s style, and meet his/her needs. In this way, a project is developed in which the private areas of the boat owner are the basis of the whole design. The number, size and shape of cabins are determined in line with this plan. Moreover, all private areas dedicated to entertainment, relaxing and socializing are decided within the same global concept in parallel with the owner’s pereferences to ensure that the yacht gains a complete aesthetic from top to bottom.



Sanlorenzo yachts are built according to the tastes, habits and lifestyle choices of the owners, reflecting their personal lifestyles.

Each boat is a separate artwork…

The prospective Sanlorenzo owner's house is the starting point of the design so that Sanlorenzo boats can reflect the owner's gusto at sea. The world's best designers plan how the owner's choices can be interpreted on and inside the yacht, and develop the interior design in line with this plan. They do "custom design" and "custom manufacture", to achieve the best result that is completely customised and satisfies the owners’ demands.

While Sanlorenzo sets the standards for the entire luxury yacht building industry in terms of quality and safety, nothing is standard at the shipyard when it comes to customisability. Sanlorenzo not only uses premium materials and provides a bold sense of luxury of the highest quality; but it also offers handmade products that make every detail and customer preference match perfectly with the other elements of the yacht. These products are manufactured and applied by the world's best craftsmen, whose names go along with care and quality. All these production and application processes, on the other hand, have been followed up with a meticulous inspection mechanism that has been continuously developed and detailed since 1958.



A great effort and months of hard work is being devoted to the emergence of each new Sanlorenzo yacht.

Quality first…

Sanlorenzo is able to provide only 50 unique yachts per year, to its distinguished owners. The fact that Sanlorenzo’s production achieved only 1,000 boats in more than half a century, proves Sanlorenzo’s passion for perfection.

Since the second half of 2010s, Sanlorenzo Yachts has been climbing higher and higher in the "Global Order Book" in terms of orders it has received, and today it is among the top 20 brands in the world in 24-meter yacht production, according to the data published annually by Boat International. While achieving this success, Sanlorenzo never increases its annual production in order to maintain high quality standards which is limited to 50 boats. In this way, Sanlorenzo can provide the best results in every aspects of yacht production, and manages to meet the highest expectations of its owners.



Deciding to own a Sanlorenzo also means having the opportunity to choose every material that will give the yacht its soul. This freedom of choice is not limited to decoration and furnishing. Marble, wooden materials, furniture, mirrors, paintings and many other details to be used are are subject to be determined by the owner, in order to reflect the personality of the owner. In this process, Sanlorenzo Interior Design Department is beside the owner in every step.

The production of unique boats, each designed to fully realize the owner's dream, is therefore an elaborate process that requires great commitement. At the end of this long but very enjoyable process, in which every detail is studied separately, the boats become beyond all trends. Each Sanlorenzo becomes a unique piece of art that tells the story of its owner.